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ZALORA, Asia’s Online Fashion Destination, in partnership with It Takes An Island, a community that promotes hands-on, real world learning outside of home and classroom, opened its office doors at their Corporate Office in Keppel Towers to children 10 to 12 years old last 31 August for It Takes An Island’s inaugural Junior Apprentice programme.

The junior ZALORA apprentices-for-a-day worked with each of the fashion giant’s participating departments – Private Label, Marketing, Data Analytics, Technology & Engineering and Operations – to create and launch a hypothetical new ZALORA kids’ clothing line. They were given a behind the scenes look at how a fashion e-commerce company works and went to participate in a series of activities designed for them to apply what they learned from their department mentors.

Jessica Weston, Fashion Director at ZALORA and mentor for the day, remarked, “It was refreshing to have spent an afternoon working with young, curious minds. Their energy is infectious and having them in the office has put a smile on our faces. It’s great to see children so engaged and involved in learning about e-commerce. It’s also wonderful to hear their ideas and see reactions when concepts come to life and the day’s learnings come together. I look forward to seeing more activities like this from It Takes An Island.”

Tito Costa, ZALORA Group CMO commenting on the activity, “ZALORA is happy to help ignite young minds for a digital tomorrow. We support the practical learning sessions promoted by the It Takes An Island initiative as it provides children holistic learning opportunities. Today’s activity will give the children exposure to disruptive technologies early in life, hopefully fuelling their imagination and preparing them to become future innovators and entrepreneurs.”

Julie Miyuki Colby and Patricia Mulles, It Takes An Island’s founder-mums, highlighted the importance of involving the business community in their mission to expose children to real life, in situ experiences to help develop character and valuable non-academic skills to equip them for the future.  “We are very lucky to have ZALORA partner with us on our pilot Junior Apprentice event,” said Colby. “We hope the success of this activity will inspire others in our larger community – our island – to also
work with us. We also look forward to having more parents and kids join us, and together with companies like ZALORA, help demonstrate that there are many paths to fulfilling and successful careers, not just traditional ones.”

“The future is everyone’s responsibility. Its promise and realisation is in our children. We are grateful to ZALORA for their invaluable investment in time and talent to show our future nation-builders how to be creative and innovative, as well as generous contributors, to society,” Mulles added.

Maya Hari, Managing Director at Twitter Asia Pacific and parent of 12-year old apprentice Antara, enthused: “As a mother, I couldn't be happier to witness the apprenticeship program that my daughter went through. It is precisely these types of experiences that help kids explore new areas of interest and discover skills that will help shape their choices ahead.”