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Design. Build. Code. A Hackathon for Young Innovators.

  • National Design Centre (map)

It Takes An Island’s inaugural kids' hackathon was held last June 24, 2017 at the National Design Centre, with about 100 people - young innovators and their parents - in attendance (The Eventbrite archive is here.)  

The full-day hackathon featured three spaces: designing products/campaigns, building physical products, and coding applications, all targeted at kids 10 to 12 years old.

Kids Solve a Real Problem About Recycling

As the objective was to solve a ‘real world’ problem, we invited the National Environment Agency (NEA) to present an actual challenge, and they picked 'how to encourage more Singaporeans to use recycle bins.'

After a few introductory talks on the basics of Design Thinking and Storytelling by our It Takes An Island experts, and coding apps with App Inventor 2, the kids were treated to hands-on demonstrations in the Builder Space at OneMaker Group’s Lab.

After that, the kids were randomly sorted into teams to brainstorm on what product to build to address the NEA challenge.

The NEA, It Takes An Island and parents were blown away by the products and ideas that the teams came up with (developed independently, with little to no direction from parents and coaches).  See them for yourself by watching the videos, or by browsing through the event photos below.

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Later Event: August 31
Junior Apprentice @ Zalora